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Chocolate Mud 

White Chocolate Mud 

White Vanilla Bean Mud 

Caramel Mud 

White Caramel Swirl 

Marble Mud 

Orange Chocolate Mud 

Lemon White Mud 

Lime White Mud 

Lemon Lime White Mud 

Citrus White Mud

Pistachio White Mud 

Carrot Cake* 

Banana Cake*

Vanilla Cake*

Red Velvet Cake*

Baileys Chocolate Mud PREMIUM FLAVOUR

.* can only be buttercream covered 

Please Note - 

  • All of our cakes may contain traces of nuts and other allergens associated with the manufacturing of ingredients we use. 

  • A list of ingredients is available upon request

  • Unfortunately we are unable to cater for gluten free and other allergen free orders

Cake Menu

Frostings & Coverings 

Frostings & Coverings
Swiss Meringue Buttercream

As the name suggests, Swiss meringue buttercream is made from meringue and butter. 

The egg whites and sugar are cooked and cooled before adding butter. The end result is a lovely light buttery frosting that has a hint of sweetness. 

Our Swiss meringue frosting typically comes vanilla flavoured however clients are able to request different flavours.We only use high quality flavoured oils to flavour our Swiss meringue frosting.

We use Swiss meringue on all of our buttercream cakes.


Ganache is a decadent and rich frosting made from cream and chocolate. 

We use ganache to fill and cover cakes that will be also covered in fondant as it provides a smooth base to which to apply the fondant on. 

Tiff & Co provides ganache is dark and white chocolate but it can be infused with different flavours

Whipped chocolate ganache is delicious between cake layers of cakes covered with Swiss Meringue Buttercream


Fondant is a sweet dough/ paste that is used to cover cakes and to make some cupcake toppers. It is typically made from icing sugar, corn syrup and water however there are also marshmallow types. 

Tiff & Co utilises high quality commercial fondant.

Fondant is typically vanilla flavoured (or chocolate for brown fondant) but we are able to flavour it if our clients prefer. To do this we use high quality flavour oils.  

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