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Policies & Order Information

By placing an order through Tiff & Co you are agreeing to our policies which are set out below. Please take the time to carefully read through as our policies also include important information.



ALL cake orders and cupcake orders do require a 50% deposit to be paid to secure your booking date. Please note that until we receive your deposit your date will be considered available. 


Deposit & Payment

We accept three forms of payment - cash,  bank transfer (as per the details below) or credit card (1.9% Credit card fee applicable) 


If you are making your final payment via bank deposit, it must be transferred no less than 1 Week prior to your order so your payment has time to clear. Cash is also accepted upon pick up/ delivery as long as a deposit has been paid.

Wedding orders must be settled 2 weeks before your wedding date. 


PLEASE NOTE: Cakes &/ or cupcakes will not be released unless full payment has been received  


Cancellation Policy 

We understand that things come up which may impact your order. To receive your full deposit back, please note the cancellation periods below. 

  • Cupcakes: orders under x 50 - 1 week prior to event

  •                   orders over x 50 - 2 week prior to event ​​

 ***Please note - any cupcakes which have fondant toppers ordered with them require week minimum cancellation period           

  • Cookies: orders under x 20 - 2 weeks prior to event

  •                 orders over x 20 - 4 weeks prior to event 

  • All Cakes: 6 weeks prior to order date

  • Wedding orders: 8 weeks prior to order date (please note - the "save the date" deposit is non refundable however may be transferable as long as we have availability) 


Please note if any special orders associated with your order have been made this may also impact on receiving your full deposit back.


* Paying a deposit means you agree to the cancellation policy

** You are liable for any incurred costs should you cancel within or out of the stated times. 


Pick up

Please let Tiff know no later than 1 week prior when you will be picking up your order. 

Each order is given a 1 hour window - this is based upon the time you specify that you can pick up. We will arrange to be available for that half hour window however any time past that 1 hour window we cannot guarantee that we will be available for your pick up. 

Changes to the pick up time must be given at least a 48hrs in advance. 

On order day please let Tiff know if you will be running late.

Delivery is available in some instances for a small fee - please enquire. 

Tiff & Co takes no responsibility for orders (including any damage) once they have been released to our clients or someone who is acting on behalf of the client. 


Cancellations - Refunds will only be issued for orders cancelled outside the stated times. If any special orders have been made for your order, you will receive a full refund minus the cost of the special order (including personalised toppers) irregardless if you cancel outside of the stated times. Please see our cancellation policy above for further information. 

Incorrect Orders - Please ensure that you read your order confirmation carefully - Tiff & Co will not be liable for any missed order elements** unless they are stated on your confirmation.
If you believe a confirmed order element has been missed, this must be brought to our attention upon pick up. We must be given the opportunity to fix the issue for you to be eligible for a refund. If the missed element is brought to our attention and we are unable to fix it in time for your event you are entitled to a refund for the value of the element plus a 5% of order inconvenience fee.


If a order basis component* is incorrect, the client is entitled to a 10% of order inconvenience fee. 


Once the cake is released to you,  Tiff & Co will assume that you are satisfied with the product "as is"and you will not be entitled to any refunds. 

*Order Basis Component: Components that form the basis for all cakes e.g. cake, frosting/ cover etc. 

**Order element: an element of the order that is quoted e.g. decorations. 

Please be careful with your creations once you receive then - Tiff & Co will not offer any refunds for client error including but not limited to incorrect transportation, not storing the cake properly etc 



Due to the nature of the baking products that we use, and our best efforts to avoid cross contamination, Tiff & Co is unable to cater "Allergy Free" products. 

Tiff & Co products are not gluten free, dairy free, nut free or allergen free. We are not liable should our products be consumed by persons with these dietary requirements. 

Should you fail to report any allergies at the time of order, you will be liable for any transaction costs associated with your order. 

Tiff & Co Cupcakes is a Mackay Regional Council approved food business operating under licence FL-2666. 

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